Godfather has moved out !!

As I already said in my blog London can be really sad. Godfather as moved out and so Becca and Louise.

So now there is a new couple in the girl’s room, they are cool so it’s fine.

Marc is still here so no one new in his room , but Camilla is gone since less than one week and that really hard I miss her so much.

But it’s life, everyone needs to move on, and that what she did.

Camilla, godfather,

I wish you all the best in your new adventure I know you will do well.

Your such an amazing person and I’am really great full to destiny to put you on my way

I love you now and forever




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A creative night

I couldn’t sleep last night and I was so hyperactive to just watch  TV show on my laptop.

So that what I did

Please don’t tell my landlord ;p

Anyway I couldn’t stand this wardrobe anymore so I did to do something about it….


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To all my friends in the world 

I wish you all the best for 2012 peace, happiness, love, money or anything else you want for your future.


Some new post coming this week

Hey guys

I’m back !!!!

I know I should be a shame of me and I am.

More than 2 months since my last post but I wont do it again I promess

I hope that everyone had a nice Christmas and got realyl spoiled..

Tonight I  going to Wonderland so soon picture and blog about it

take care



Almost 2 years …..

almost 2 years of deep love between London and I

Few more weeks and it will be two years that I took the Eurostar to cross the English Channel and started a new life….

What should I do to celebrate ?!?

A party ? Going somewhere I’ve never been yet ?

I don’t know if anyone as any idea feel free to share

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when people cross a duck for some others it …..

creepy weird and funny word

What my flatmate saw on her way home!!!

Do you really think that someone has stayed the whole day waiting to take pictures of people reading this word ???

Anyway I’m looking forward to see the pictures of my flatmate on a porn web

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